Hello! I am a designer with 10 years of experience in the digital world: specializing in UI/UX design to create cohesive branding experiences across digital platforms. Below are a few examples of my work. 

Newsletter Tool

This web-based tool is a new interactive approach to RI, one of the
Oracle Marketing Cloud's marketing campaign tools. Read more


App Design

This multi-platform app seamlessly organizes business travel. Read more


Responsive Patterns

Building email design patterns for a responsive environment. Read more


Branding Evolution

Design explorations in email to improve branding and performance. Read more



Tablet Design

Mainly UX
Tablet specific website recreates the trademarked builder tools for a touch environment. Read more



Website Evolution

Redesign process and explorations for an established e-commerce site. Read more


Interstitial Banners & Cinemagraphs

Design & Ideation
Designed for Yahoo. The objective of this project was to explore new ideas, isolate variables for testing, and leverage past learnings. Subtle animation (cinemagraphs), messaging, imagery, button size/placement were all testing variables. View cinemagraphs here