App Design

While traveling for business this app keeps you on schedule, easily tracks your per diem, and keeps all other details in order. Integrating the app with internal systems easily collects flight, meeting, and lodging details into a timeline view. Events within the timeline are categorized, each with a customized additional information indicated by icons. I liked to call this project Planit.

 Samples of high fidelity wireframes on a mobile device:

Samples of high fidelity wireframes on a mobile device:


Challenge: When traveling for business there are a lot of challenges and elements to keep organized. Keeping track of receipts, per diems, flights, meetings, and presentation notes are just some of the issues. The big request was to design something that would make the whole process easier.

Action: Identifying the biggest problems involved with business travel was done through interviews. A card-sorting exercise, or to be more precise a post-it note exercise, organized problems into before, during, and details categories. This lead to the idea of a timeline approach which runs top to bottom more like a clickable checklist. Paper wireframes were made to determine how the checklist approach would work and user-tested. The wireframes were then translated into a digital prototype to test the user-flow. Insights from this round of testing help determine if the new design patterns would work. My work left off here, with these higher fidelity comps and determining how to make the design adaptable to a desktop application.

More refined UI screens:

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