Design Evolution

Designed for Blue Nile, these emails show the techniques I tested to transform the brand from the strict dark blue to a lighter and more inviting look and feel. Big shifts were happening company wide: the target male customer was expanding to a more inclusive customer base. To support the transition, I explored and tested in these techniques in email first. 

The almost instant A/B test results from email are what I like most about designing for email. Testing results were used to build confidence that the stylist changes were increasing engagement and sales; especially where the new target audience was concerned. Positive trends in email affected changes throughout the whole brand, most importantly the website. Read more about the website redesign here. 


Breaking Out of the Grid 

This was one of the first emails to break out of Blue Nile's traditional grid system. Even the use of the mid blue was unusual for the time. While not strictly a template, this layout can easily be updated with different products to make new emails.  


Testing Format 

Testing format with varying amounts of products in long, medium, short, and other layouts. Consistently, centered copy framed below featured products always tested successfully across markets and campaign types.  


Product Placement

Using careful product selection and attention to placement I was able to create a more holiday-like a look and feel without all of the decorations. This was a more simple and eloquent approach.



To build stronger content and more editorial focused campaigns, I worked with photographers and copywriters to create themes, often centered around birthstones or product collections. 


New Elements 

Incorporating and layering flourishes and handmade elements brought a friendly look and feel to the brand. This technique was specially employedfor holiday campaigns.


Textures & Seasonal Colors

Subtle patterns and colors were added to create a sense of seasonality and align with current fashion trends. .