Responsive Patterns & Designs

Working from the season's campaign guidelines, I designed this custom feature email to have a sense of balance, using the secondary to extend the story from the hero imagery. Pushing the product links lower in the email was a little risky but when this email performed beyond expectations, the client was thrilled. The underlying structure makes a pretty straight forward responsive version, only requiring a few image replacements. This layout later became a reusable pattern. 

Built for a special event this project required a custom landing page with a registration form (desktop version left, responsive version right) in addition to the email (middle). Aligning the landing experience and email with the in-store marketing materials created a fluid and holistic customer experience that crossed from the digital space to the physcial world.

The REI loyalty is a campaign that sends customized emails based on purchases, location, and season to already engaged customers. Starting this project, thought was put into speaking to the customer in a new way with using more of the client's lifestyle imagery. This ended up being a successful approach and was later adapted into the promotional emails, as you can see in the first project above. 

Making an imagery-based solution work with dynamic content was a challenge, to solve this we built a pattern library that controls how the modules transition to the responsive version so the text can flow over the imagery without issue. Changing the patterns used along with the dynamic content gives customers a more personalized message. Careful planning went into determining the responsive behaviors for each pattern. You can see this in the tertiary the two module are side by side but in the mobile version, the modules stacked one on top of the other.