Tablet website

Above: samples from Blue Nile's ring builder tool designed for tablet.

Challenge: We were asked to make a tablet website that would create a better experience for tablet users. The web version of the ring builder tools was challenging to use on the smaller touch based screens and the existing mobile site was not a viable solution.

Action: Our process started by identifying where new touch-based solutions were needed and where simpler updates to the interface would work. A lot of attention went into making sure the user-flow was smooth and that the graphics were easy to understand. While updating the interface forged ahead, an issue arose. During user-testing, an editable one-page solution proved to be the preferred method over the trademarked three step process. Though we tried to build a case for the new one-page solution, we ended up with a more hybrid approach. Turning the one-page solution (middle) into more of a confirmation page. While I don't believe it would have changed the outcome, I learned the value of testing early in the process. My involvement in this project was focused more on user-testing and process flow than the final UI design.

Results: Unfortunately, this project did not launch. By the time the site was ready, the business was considering an adaptive redesign. Convincing stakeholders that one website would be easier to maintain than three is a different kind of success: one that came from proving we made high-level site design based on a thoughtful, well-researched process. What followed was an iterative time for the design team which influenced the whole business strategy. See samples from the adaptive redesign here.